R.K. Sanahal

R.K. Sanahal

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    R.K. Sanahal was born on Tuesday the 19th November 1901 at Singjamei about 60 km south from Imphal where his parents R.K. Shakhen Sanatomba a great artist of Huyel Langlon (Manipur Martial Arts) belongs to the royal family. It was said to two gold like lotus bloomed at the time of his birth in holy pond of “Wangbren” (a name of God). It showed a sign for the child brilliant future. It was during the reign of H.H. Sir Churachand, King of Manipur. No sooner did the king get the news of Shri R.K. Sanahal’ birth at Sugunu village. Some of the Kings men came there and told the parents not to live there. The main reason being the belief that if a person of royal blood was born near holy place of WANGBREN and if he worshipped the deity, he set on the throne of Manipur.
    So, Guru Shri R.K. Sanahal could not stay any longer. At the age of about six he was taken to Singjamei by his adopted mother near by his father. Shri R.K. Sanahal began practice Huyel Langlon art from early boyhood on the advice of his foster mother. She used to say to him even when he was well grown up. As you belong to royal blood, you should not forget to learn the Arts of THANG-TA (HUYEN LANGLON). Learning of archery is a must to become leader of the Country. Indeed in his adopted mother’s opinion. He grew up to be a healthy, a robus man from his boyhood. Guru Sanahal said “ when I was reading in the Jhonstone High School, I won a number of prizes in gymnastic, race, jumping and other games & sports. He passed the Matriculation in 1924 under the Calcutta University and he stopped studying further. He was married to smt. Vidhumukhi Devi and married with fine others wives later on. He is still survived by five sons and four daughters.
    Guru Sanahal was employed as an Amin (Surveyor), he was also known as “Aminsana” Ridding, Fencing, Spear throwing, Arambai throwing (arrow like weapon throw by hand), Mukna (wrestling) art of Thang-Ta and other games were some of his favorite martial art items.
    Before the British rule in Manipur in 1863, Shri Chaprando Sana the very elder brother of Guru Sanahal’s father was arrested and killed under the suspicion the he might take part in revolt against the King. Shri Chaprando was a great Martial Artist. Indeed it was a period in the History of Manipur when most of the Manipur Martial Artists ran away from their home and hid themselves in the jungle and ran away from Manipur to Brahma (Myanmar), Tripura, Assam and some neighboring countries.
    Again after British rule in Manipur from 23rd April 1891 there is no allowed to practice of Huyen Langlon Thang-Ta arts in Manipur. However, all the well trained martial artists used to practice and preach this arts secretly at night in jungle. The geometrical figures (steps) shown in this book are all the techniques of the arts that had been brought up through midst of dangers by all the well trained Manipur Martial Artists courageously up to that period of time. Sintakpurel himself suffered a lot in learning and practicing the arts secretly at night in the jungle and residence of Masters. It was said by him that only from 30th May 1934, all Manipur martial artist were given a chance to train, to practice and to preach their art openly through the country. Guru himself presented his hand written copy to the King H.H. Churanchand Maharaja.
    As a consequence with permission from King H.H. Churachand S.B.E.K.C.S.I. an open school for imparting this arts to the people was set up at the residence of Guru himself on 4th November 1934. This school is known as Huyen Langlon Thang-Ta Academy. Now, there are many branches centre of this Academy not only in Manipur but also in outside India and some foreign countries.

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